want to upgrade the PC FOR MAXIMUM performance?

core i3 530 1st genmotherboard - Gigabyte H55mRAM 2GB DDR3 1333MHZHARD DISK 500GB (7200 RPM)windows 7graphic card - integratedso, how to maximize he performance without upgrading motherboard and CPU.other components can be upgraded.

PC cannot recognize CD-ROM drive?

The CD-ROM drive was working fine. Out of nowhere (no crash, security scan shows nothing) the computer acts like it doesn't exist, as though no CD were in the drive when there is. OS is Window XP. ...

CD/USB drives not recognised?

My computer was running slow about a month ago and I changed the startup settings. It did indeed run faster, however my computer no longer recognises my USB drives or CD drive. I want to reset my ...

Nvidia Graphics Driver issue PLEASE HELP ?

okay so this is starting to get me really angry. I need to download a graphics driver for my nVidia but its on a notebook PC (HP pavilion dv60000) and every time i try to download any sort of driver ...

Which laptop better? Two given?

Here are two laptops which I choose, please help me to select one..Acer:Processor Type Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6600Memory Size 4GB MBProcessor speed (2.2Ghz, 800Mhz, 2MB Cache)Memory Type DDR2Hard Drive Capacity 500 GBOptical Drives DVD RWScreen Size/Type 17.3

Why is my storage so low?

My laptop (a HP) has 30 gigabytes of storage in total and I only have 2 gigabytes free, yet I've only downloaded two things on it that equal 1 gigabyte when combined. Is there anything I can do to fix ...

DVD/CD-ROM drive not working?

I have a HP pavilion entertainment notebook pc which I got about 2 months ago. A few days ago, I was working on a video project and I noticed that the 'Make a DVD' or