Anyone know this movie?.?

All I remember of the movie isI know it was like from the 80's.A Bunch of teen's were in camp.These few teen's [ boys].Took over the camp. Tied up the Camp Counsler's and ****. It went out of control.In one ...

New Spider Man Movie?

I heard on yahoo news that there is going to be a new spider man movie but without toby mcguire!I also heard there is going to be a movie released where venom is the main character (anti hero)

Favourite movie villain?

Who is your favourite movie villain any why?Mine is Heath Ledger's Joker, because I think he plays the part fantastically and I like the idea that the Joker does some of the most horrifying things possible, with no other motivation ...

Favorite Movie Villain?

I just saw The Midnight Meat Train and i thought Vinnie Jones as Mahogany was awesome, so it got me thinkin, what are some other great movie villains?

Is Spider-man 3 a good movie?

It gets pretty good reviews on IMDb, but I understand the actors weren't overly excited about it themselves. Is Hollywood pushing the movie by artificially keepnig the rating up?

Better Movie: Dhoom 1 or Dhoom 2?

My Answer: Dhoom 1 (idea was fresher, plot was more realistic, better songs, John was SO much better villian than Hrithik. All that eye candy (Aish and Bips) in Dhoom 2 showed that the producers were desperate, on ...

Dhoom 2 ....Hit or Flop ?

Dhoom 2 is releasing today. What do you think after all the hype will it be a hit or a flop? Quickly answer before the film critics pass judgement