Are you Rap/Hip-Hop lovers close-minded?

This question is ONLY for the Rap/Hip-Hop lovers.This is one of my favorite songs. Listen to the whole thing (all of its 22-minute glory), then tell me what you think. I get no answers or only insipid ones, then Rap/Hip-Hop ...

What are some good songs from these Rock musicians below?

You do not have to do all of them,just what you can or what you want to do.1.The Beach Boys2.Rolling Stones3.Green Day4.The Beatles5. Metallica6.Disturbed7.Aerosmith8.Live9.Pink Floyd10.Third Eye Blind11.Jeremy Camp(Christian Rock)12.Korn13.Oasis14.Limp Bizkit

My Top 100 Albums [Rate, hate, debate]?

Everyone's been doing this recently, so I finally got around to finishing mine:1. Nas - Illmatic2. Mos Def and Talib Kweli - Black Star3. GZA - Liquid Swords4. Outkast - ATLiens5. Common - One Day It'll All Make Sense6. A ...

Depeche Mode vs Muse?

Which song do you prefer.

RHH: Official Hip Hop Q&A?

Are you a bit confused in today's world of Hip Hop? Not sure who you should be listening to, or who is dope and who's a joke? Well fear not, this is the *Original*

favourite depeche mode song?

ok so im bored (hubby playing video games, baby in bed& house is clean) so i thought i would ask peoples fave depeche mode song and favourite album (fave song doesnt have to be off chosen album). no cheating using ...

Where to learn DJ skills?

Well I'm kind of a newbie to DJ-ing, and I pretty much dont know how to properly do it (I can mess about, thats about it...) Does anyone know where to learn? If online then that would be great, and ...