Why are Black women so Beautiful?

Honest question (rude comments will be removed)It seems as though they have the most diversity in hair,skin & body types.I'm an Asian guy who loves all kinds of women but honestly finds Black women the most attractive.Anyone else?

Are black women beautiful?

do people think that black women are beautiful? im always hearin girls say black women are ok, but white women are more pretty. I dont feel beautiful when someone tells me im ugly cause of my skin color. and im ...

how did race happen?

like why arent we all just black or white or brown? Im not trying to be racist im just curious on how people evolved or was it always different?

Why are Black Women So beautiful?

Ok so i just saw a question on here and i want to see what people say and if they were telling the truth. Do you think black women are beautiful why or why not?

Why do black men prefer white women?

Oh, I know. Because they get sick of getting their tires slashed everytime a black chick gets mad. Tired that everytime they wanna tug on her hair when they're having sex, a track comes out. Tired of looking at lady ...

Why girls don't like Asian guys?

Im an Asian guy (well asian/white guy) but I consider myself full asian. I know the times are tough and for us Asian guys we have it the toughest. Being an Asian guy in the USA is almost as bad ...

Why do Puerto Ricans hate Dominicans for?

I guess Puerto Ricans will say that Dominicans think that they are the Sh*t and that they are loud and stuff when you guys are the same as well. A lot of people view Puerto Rican’s as ghetto and stuff. ...