What size memory card do you recommend? ?

I'm taking a trip to France and would like to know what size memory card I should get? Obviously I want it to hold a lot of pictures, as I am staying for 2 months!! Which memory cards hold the ...


I am interested in taking Photography A Level what would you say is the best, most appropriate 35mm single lens reflex film camera.

Photography facts to back up that photography IS art?

i mean real photography,not pictures taken of yourself by yourself, or snapshots of family, friends if you can name other types of pictures that aren't photography or give examples much appreciated :) please can you keep these facts quite concise ...

Why bother learning Photography?

If your camera does all the work anyway? I have seen some people purchase DSLR's, and know absolutely nothing about operating a camera, and still they manage to take some fantastic looking photograph's just by using Automatic mode, and snapping ...

how to take pictures in the dark?

so we need pictures outside but it’ll be dark out and the simplest idea would be using flash, but then the skyline probably won’t be visible in the background, you know? any solutions?