What do you think of the names..?

For Boys:Damion MatthewDominic JamesorFor Girls:Alexa GraceMadalyn ChristineOr any other name ideas. I am 18 years old, and due in May. I want to have a name that is some what unique, but not totally out there.

Names Names Names Names.?

What would you call your kids if your had. You can use names again on different questions.1) Twins2) Triplets3) Quads4) Quints5) Sextuplets6) Septuplets7) Octuplets8) Nonuplets

misa raine or misa kairi?

last name will be Smyersmisa MEE sah means beautiful sands kairi KAH ee ree means ocean villageraine means Queenso Beautiful Sand Queen or Beautiful Sand Ocean Village?

Name 5 boys with these names?

What would you name 5 boys with my favourite names? Please do a first and middle name for each boy. Have fun!Alexander, Gabriel, Elijah, Atticus, Blake, Austin, Chase, Everett, Duke, Cullen, Flynn, Greyson, Hunter, Jacob, Sawyer, Lincoln, Oliver, River, ...

Name 5 girls with these names?

What would you name 5 girls with my favourite names? Please do a first and middle name for each girl. Have fun!Vivienne, Scarlett, Willow, Eliza, Fallon, Adelaide, Aurelia, Lilia, Juliet, Evelyn, Sienna, Avalyn, Ellery, Charlotte, Elena, Harlow, Grace.

2 year old nephew cussing!?

I have a 2 year old nephew that comes over my house everyday while his parents are at work. I have a 20 month old daughter, so they play together. My daughter have never misbehaved or does anything bad. ...

Things to do before i turn 18?

Kind of early for me since my birthday is in 2 months, but what things i should do before i turn 18. Something things that I maybe currently get away with right now.

Bailey Nicole Grace!?!?!Initals are BNG!?

First off what do you think of the name?Now for the baby name game!!Okay here is a babyname game!1)You graduated high school top of your class and are now planing to go to collage. Things are going well and you ...

Things I should do before I turn 18?

I'm making a list of all the things I want to do before I turn 18. I've got until July and want to make the most out of my last year as a kid. Please, any suggestions are appreciated.

Mother lets child run things?

I have a friend, let s call her Mia, that has an seven year-old-only child. The family went through a bitter divorce a couple years ago, and I have seen the mother argue with her X in front of her ...

Baby lotion for baby acne?

I called my babygirls pediatrician. She is 11 days old, and her little face is breaking out. Over the phone she said it is baby acne. She told me to clean her face, and apply baby lotion. But in my ...

constructive critisism, pleasee?

hello theree. :]well yeahi write poetry quite often, and i recently did this onee.if you guys wouldn't mind, could you please give me some constructive critisism? PS: if you're going to be mean, please don't write at all. :D--------------------------------------...open. gaping. ...