Famous people - powerful quotes?

I'm looking for quotes by well known people, either showing 1. intellectual power 2. emotional power or 3. leadership/influential powerthanks in advance! (:

Can I get in trouble?

So at school our older students are doing a project where you send them something to laser print onto a metal keychainI sent one of the three students who were doing it the quote

What does this quote(or whatever it is) mean?

Find laughter and chocolate however in combination to be best. Detach yourself, stand naked in freezing rain and feel nothing, then you will understand. Don't view it as a descension, rather an ascension in to insanity. Only when you let ...

Famous Quotes by Famous People?

What are some famous quotes??? please write the quote and the person who said it.......(not quotes from yourself!!!) i have to write them and put it on my collage for school.(grade 7's do this)thanks!

Quotes for everyday use?

I need quotes.i am doing a writing assessment and i know your writing can look better if you use a famous quote by a famous person like Aristotle, Galileo, Shakespeare, a political figure, or just some important person in the ...

quotes quotes .........your favourite quotes?

hey guys i am searching fore some great sayings and quotes...i know there are lot of sites out der but i want u 2 share ur favorites...dont mention any sites just write ur favorite sayings..thank u in advance...good day 2 ...

I need a quote for everyday use?

I need a quote or a short sentence of good advice. something that i can look at everyday and will help keep me motivated. something happy. something to encourage me to get up and do things during the day. i ...