OLTL-Nash dying??

I am watching where hes looking at people, so why are they saying that hes dying.. i kinda missed the beginning.

What the heck happpened to Cartoon Network?

Alright I know this is long, but please understand this is a topic I really need to discuss. Well, first of all, I'm totally pissed that they got rid of toonami, as it had Naruto, one of my favorite shows, ...

America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 episodes?

ANTM episodes used to be available online at cwtv.com, but now they just have previews and interviews, no full episodes. What happened? And where can I watch the episodes now? (preferably not on youtube)

Nash is coming back on OLTL?

I just read a question on here about something like what happens when Nash comes back... I had no clue he was coming back!!!!!!!!!! Is this for real? I thought he died!! Who said he was coming back? Im so ...

Is the bounty hunter really a real profession?

Recently I watched a TV program about American bounty hunters, I'm Polish, I thought it was a joke. Americans have bounty hunters and this is a real profession? Srly a Bounty Hunters?! :-)Like Jango or Boba Fett xD

Any Americas Next Top Model fans?????

Okay this is for people who watched all the seasons of Americas Next Top Model!Does Any one know who won the Season 2,3,4,5 on Americas Next Top Model and describe them the best way you can please!!!

question about "heroes"?

ok, so i saw the first episode...but then got a position where i was unavailable to watch tv on monday nights...so i just recently got back into the show

America's Next Top Top Model?

If there was a new show that all the winners of america's next top model competed to become america's top top model who do you think would win? Adrienne(Cycle 1),Yoanna(Cycle 2),Eva(Cycle 3),Naima(Cycle 4),Nicole(Cycle 5),Daneille(Cycle 6),Caridee(Cycle 7),or Jaslene(Cycle 8)?

americas next top model Q?

okay i am watching Vh1 right now, and the are showing americas next top model marathon, but there is this thing i dont get. when did it first come out, because this is not the one where yoanna won, ...

Why did Nash have to Die??!!!!(OLTL)?

Nash and Jessica were my favorite couple on the show!i miss Nash(i didn't see the episode when he died, but saw his funeral)stupid jared!!, why can't they kill him off, because Nash and Jessica Belong together!!!!!!!!!!!that was jessica's best relationship ...

nick vs disney vs cartoon netwrk?

well you know how people out there are saying nic disney and cartoon net work are not worth watching well i want to make a voting poll which show is better i cant choose nick is ok i carly not ...