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Nurses' roles in health promotion practice: an integrative review

Nurses play an important role in promoting public health. Traditionally, the focus of health promotion by nurses has been on disease prevention

Nurses' roles in health promotion practice: an integrative review.

Health Promot Int. 2013 Dec;28(4):490-501. doi: 10.1093/heapro/das034. Epub 2012 Aug 10. Nurses' roles in health promotion practice: an integrative review.

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A comprehensive health education is essential to effective health promotion. Thus, health promotion underpins a nurse's role within a

The importance of nursing advocacy for the health promotion of

Health promotion is a fundamental focus of nursing practice and research. Nurses, particularly community and public health nurses, recognize that promoting

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How does someone promote health? I'm going to address the concept of health promotion from my perspective as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. Nurses play a

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This aspect of our roles – promoting health – is now considered central to health care. Health promotion isn't about lecturing or hectoring, or about pushing people into making Making the move from HCA to nurse requires enormous effort.

The Role of Nurses in Health Promotion and Preventive Care

Health promotion is about influencing behavior and using preventive healthcare instilling practices to keep patients and their communities healthy.

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The pressures brought about by the increasing prevalence of poor health among some population groups as well as the rise in prevalence of chronic and

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Review. Health promotion. Keywords: Health behaviour/Brief intervention/ Premature death/Nurse leaders. ○This article has been double-blind.

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looks carefully at the varied definitions of nursing, it is interesting to see how often health promotion activities are highlighted as being a central nursing role.