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Bearer bonds scheme: A foolproof way of converting black money into money, the Indian economy would not be in such dire straits today.

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Before the bond market developed, India had a number of bearer bonds, usually called debentures when issued by a company. But the last major one launched by the government was in 1981, as an income disclosure scheme. The face value of the bond was Rs10,000 and maturity was for 10 years.

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A bearer bond is a bond or debt security issued by a business entity such as a corporation, or a government. As a bearer instrument, it differs from the more common types of investment securities in that it is unregistered—no records are kept of the owner, or the transactions involving ownership.

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Electoral Bearer Bond Scheme 2018. The Government of India has notified the Electoral Bond Scheme 2018 vide Gazette Notification S.O. No.29 (E) dated 02nd January 2018. As per provisions of the Scheme, Electoral Bonds may be purchased by a person, who is a citizen of India or incorporated or established in India.

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Bearer Bonds are transferable, negotiable and anonymous. Learn why they're prohibited in the United States.

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Rcarer Bonds (Immunities and Exemptions) ordinance, 1981 and Special Bearer Bonds (Immunities and Exemptions) Act, 1981-Constitution validity of-Whether

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the purchase of Special Bearer Bonds, 1991, and to deliver the same to the petitioner, and (iii) for further declaring that, in any event, the State Bank of India,

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bed to or has otherwise acquired Special Bearer Bonds shall not be taken into Indian Penal Code, namely, Chapters V and VII, nor from the Pre- vention of

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What about the applicability of the Public Debt Act, 1944 and the Indian Securities Government securities in the form of GPN, bearer bond, stock and BLA are