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Bearer Bonds are transferable, negotiable and anonymous. Learn why they're prohibited in the United States.

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A bearer bond is a bond or debt security issued by a business entity such as a corporation, or a government. As a bearer instrument, it differs from the more

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Bearer securities have been a thing since the dawn of finance (and in the euro- currency security market — i.e. those bonds/equities issued in

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Bearer bonds issue payments to anyone who holds a physical document, and they are more like cash than modern securities. They're not as common as they

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Congress prohibited the issuance of new bearer bonds in 1982. However, a few are still in circulation. Buying bearer bonds issued in the U.S. means finding a

UK bonds that financed first world war to be redeemed 100 years

Treasury's redemption scheme stretches all the way back to Napoleonic and Crimean wars and Irish potato famine.

Bearer bonds are legal and quite common in the UK While the

Bearer bonds are legal and quite common in the UK. While the bearer debenture went out of use, replaced by the non-negotiable debenture or debenture stock,

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Bearer bonds, at the center of a new probe faced by UBS, have figured large in popular culture. Here's what to know about these securities.

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Bearer bonds are bonds that can be redeemed by whoever is holding them -- or the "bearer" of the bonds. They have an obvious appeal to

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Bearer bonds normally come in nice round figures like £10,000. follow the tag " Panama Papers"; Watch Panorama on the BBC iPlayer (UK