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posted in General Car Discussion: Seem like I had beat the red light at slow speed If appeal does it means waive off the fine & the points?

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Someone I know just received a TP letter saying that he had failed to stop at red traffic light. $200 + 12 points. He asked me for help to write

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As many understand, beat red light is almost impossible to appeal as all road users Your son is future soldier and going to protect Singapore.

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For a motorist who has no previous suspension record with Traffic Police, if he has accumulated 24 . Fine : Light Vehicle: $120 ; Heavy Vehicle : $150 . Mr B decided to appeal against the offence committed on 15/4/2001.

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To appeal against an outstanding traffic summons, go to services/apply/traffic-appeals-portal. Application for Certified

Police officer fined S$200, 12 demerit points for beating red light

SINGAPORE — A police officer has been fined $200 and given 12 demerit points for beating a red light last month. In a video recorded by an


I was given a summon by the traffic police for beating a red light at Once you see the picture you will know and confirm cannot appeal.

SPF officer who beat red light fined S$200 and given 12 demerit

SPF officer who beat red light fined S$200 and given 12 demerit Singapore Road Accident showed a police car beating a red light, and then

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Traffic e-Appeals Portal From 1 November 2016, members of the public who wish to make an appeal against their traffic summonses or traffic offences can

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I think I was caught on camera fr beating red light. N I'm a p plate. Die. Very diff to appeal, unless u go to ur MP and appeal.:driving: