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[19/m] - Starting a new relationship, what general good advice do

don't obsess too much. it's really easy in the very beginning of a relationship to think "I texted her an hour ago, why hasn't she responded?

What are some 'green flags' in a relationship? - Reddit

Effort even for little stupid things. When I met my wife I brought her a flower for our first real date. Hid it in my bag and surprised her with it.

Men of reddit, in the beginning of a new relationship do you ask

Asking numbers? Seems foolish. I have no reason to lie if asked., but the reason and way of asking can leave a foul taste easily.

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Upside: I've only had a few relationships, but they all went like this and were very positive and long term (shortest was about 1.5 years total,

What are some early signs that a new relationship is no good? - Reddit

You have to explain/defend your SO to at least three other people who love you.

What does it take for you to start a relationship with a person

Being able to have fun while doing nothing. Having sex without expectation and having it without it being played out as a big deal. Telling the

How complicated were the beginnings of your relationships? Do you

Everything that started complicated drug on and didn't last and was ultimately entirely unhealthy. With my current boyfriend it's been super fun

What is a definite sign that a relationship won't last very long

When everything is everybody else's fault. A person who is unwilling to accept personal responsibility in life is not ready for a partner they'll

What are the biggest red flags in an early relationship? - Reddit

third day of relationship - "you're basically my only reason to live right now" lol should've figured things were about to get weird.

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