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Positive Behaviour Support is a way of looking at the goodness of fit between the person and the environment they find themselves. It could include changing factors such as staff attitudes, physical factors such as reducing noise levels or ensuring increased choices to the person with disability.

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Behavior support is a service provided in situations where a person with disabilities is determined to have patterns of behavior which are likely to seriously limit or deny access to ordinary community experiences and activities or which threaten the physical safety of the person or others around them.

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Research conducted by the Senior Practitioner-Disability has found that quality behaviour support plans are associated with reductions in the use of restrictive

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Questions about Behavioural Function (QABF). Goal setting. Action Plan. BSP QE II review and feedback form. What the Disability Act asks for in a BSP review

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There is research support to suggest the use of an evaluation tool ( BSP-QE-II) can measure the quality of behaviour support plans (BSPs) developed for

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a behavioural support plan is a document that is designed to change the behaviour of Students with behaviour disabilities may respond to some universal

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Journal of Disability Research, 57(8), 716-727. Having an objective means of evaluating the quality of behaviour support plans (BSPs) could assist service

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A Positive Behaviour Support Plan summarises the three elements on the previous screen, and uses them to describe practical ways of more effectively


Before writing a behaviour support plan it is important to think about: Disability, East Kent Psychological and Behaviour Support Team and is used with.

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A Positive Behaviour Support plan is not just for professionals, but can be used by families as well when a disability such as a traumatic brain injury has led to