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Is being a lawyer really that bad or are people just bitching

Being a lawyer vs. being a doctor is probably an apples to oranges comparison. But BigLaw is definitely grueling. I say that as someone who

Do you regret becoming a lawyer? Did it destroy your life? (Not

A lot of lawyers feel this way. There are some that are happy being lawyers. But it's a lot of student debt. It's usually a lot of long and hard hours.

Lawyers of reddit, why shouldn't I become a lawyer? : AskReddit

Law schools are pumping out 200+ lawyers a year, per school, and the .. Becoming a lawyer, other people can speak to that better than I can.

Lawyers of Reddit: Do you like you're job and what is it like to

It really depends on what kind of lawyer you'd want to be. And managing your own expectations. If you think being a lawyer is going to be like

I Hate Being a Lawyer. : LawSchool - Reddit

I hate being a lawyer. A lot. Frankly, I'm not even sure what the point of this post is other than to justget it off my chest I suppose. I have not

Is becoming a lawyer worth it? : careerguidance - Reddit

I've heard many bad things about the field of law. I've heard that many lawyers are unemployed, many don't get paid very well, etc. Are these.

Lawyers of Reddit, how much do you actually make

Being a lawyer gives you the potential to make nearly limitless amounts of I'm a young lawyer and make a comfortable salary to be a fully

What kind of people are happy in this profession? : law - Reddit

I talked to my lawyer personally and he advises against a career in It sounds cheesy but being a lawyer is what I feel like I was meant to do.

What is it like being a lawyer? : law - Reddit

I am thinking of pursuing a career in corporate law. I have some questions about the job: What does a normal day involve? Is it mostly research

What's Actually Being a Lawyer Like? Memos 24/7? : LawSchool - Reddit

3) How does being a lawyer actually compare to 1l LRW? a hellish LRW prof who repeatedly told us "this is as close to being a lawyer as you