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What's a dead giveaway that someone has come from poverty? - Reddit

The people who grew up poor jumped in to help: "Did you try x, y, z?" "Hey, I have .. My worst fear is not being able to provide for my family.

Poor people of reddit: how poor are you? : AskReddit

I'm so poor my front door and back door are on the same set of hinges! my 10 year old self being aware of that we were poor told mom that i

Poor people of Reddit, what are some remarks you secretly hate

It makes me so mad when I hear from wealthy classmates "College must be the time where you understand what being broke is" meanwhile

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This is a place for people who are poor to discuss personal situations and strategies on Why Being Poor is Expensive (with Ryan Bourne) (libertarianism. org).

Reddit, how do I escape poverty? : AskReddit

you are likely to receive here, poverty is a difficult problem to escape, especially if you grew up poor. . Have you tried not being a minority?

There is a Difference Between Being Poor and Being in Poverty

Despite being poor. I kept going to school even though all of my siblings dropped out of school. I was also raised up in what some would call

Does being “poor” make you “lazy”? : povertyfinance - Reddit

I didn't know how else to word it for the title, but I mean have you noticed struggling financially has made you unmotivated, tired, or just

Poor people of reddit, what do you wish people understood? : AskReddit

It puts things in perspective such as insurance payments, and why the poor people in america see as them as a luxury rather than necessity

How to live happily despite being poor? - Reddit

Understand that capitalism relies on you being dissatisfied with what you have and therefore need to make more purchases. I'm not having an

What do insanely poor people buy, that ordinary people know

It sucks ass having no home/being a transient, I promise myself never to be .. Poor people wait to buy something until they absolutely need it,