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If employees choose, some amounts may be withheld from their paychecks on a pre-tax basis, which lowers their taxable income — and your payroll taxes. That means these deductions are taken out of gross pay before the calculations for income and other taxes are deducted. These include benefits like: Insurance premiums.

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Taxes. Depending on where you live, you may also have state income taxes deducted from your paycheck. In addition to income tax, there are Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes that are withheld to help fund Social Security and Medicare. For more information on FICA taxes, read this article from The Balance.

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If a payroll deduction for part of the premiums is necessary, the forms should also have a part that specifically allows you, as the employer, to make deductions from the employee's paycheck and will provide a space for the employee to sign, acknowledging that the deductions will be taken.

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Deductions on your paycheck is a fancy way of describing the amount that an the benefit of better rates (it's not always guaranteed though), and this deduction

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Zenefits calculates and pushes deductions for bi-weekly employees by 100% of benefits deductions in the third paycheck will be catch-ups.

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When do I start making deductions from my employees' paychecks? If you give certain employees a higher level of benefits (or pay for a

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When your business hires individuals and pays them salary, bonuses or commissions and provides employee benefits, you become an

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These deductions include the cost of work-specific uniforms, tools, meals, lodging , and more. For anything that is for the employee's benefit, the employer must

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As an employer, you are responsible to withhold and pay certain taxes. To keep What employee benefits can you deduct on your tax return?

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Overpayments of wages or fringe benefits paid directly to an employee can be deducted by the employer. No written consent is needed if all of the following