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Some examples of frequently used benefits include convenient, saves time, saves money, secure, prestigious, and easy to use. With a little brainstorming, you can probably come up with many more benefits that apply to your product or service.

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For example, if you're selling office furniture to a prospect, a desk's features might include the fact that it's made of steel or that it has an ergonomic design. But the benefits statements for those features might sound like, "This desk will save you money because it's so durable.

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I should have focused on the glamour and confidence a customer would feel after using it — and the time it would save them on rushed mornings. Really know your products and services. Think like a customer. Remember: It's not the steak, it's the sizzle. Focus on feelings and finances. A trick to create benefits

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Furniture World News: Sales Benefit Statements, While it is all right, and even advisable to remind The following are examples of general benefit statements:.

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First, both benefits and features must be believable. Second In the sales world, there is often confusion about features and benefits. What is the The above examples of fuel and miles per gallon probe the greed motivation.

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Article discusses the common misuse of sales benefits statements and how they So many benefits sound like the examples I gave above or - even worse - like

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A benefit statement is a phrase or sentence that Strikes Interest in the prospect's mind. potential prospect, [yet], it will 'raise the sales filter.' If prospects are

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Here's how to create lead-off statements that create immediate interest for further discussion If you sell to consumers, include the potential added emotional benefits of being liked, respected, more attractive, etc Sample opening statements.

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Features versus benefits may indeed be Marketing 101, but a quick glance at the sales pitches of many online businesses makes me question whether anybody

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For example, if it's a retail/store sales situation, most sales people are simply taught to do 'small talk' with the customer for a few minutes and