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Policyholders of a mutual company may share profits in the form of policyholder dividends. In many instances, they benefit from premium rates that are lower than those of comparable stock insurance companies because mutual enterprises don't have to worry about shareholder return.

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If you've heard me talk about Lawyers Mutual, you've likely heard me mention that I believe the mutual insurance company model is by far the

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Learn how stock and mutual insurance companies differ and which contingency funds, dividends) are held for the benefit and protection of

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BREAKING DOWN Mutual Insurance Company. Mutual insurance companies exist to ensure that the benefits promised to policyholders can be paid over the long term. Because they are not traded on stock exchanges, mutual insurance companies can avoid the pressure of reaching short-term profit targets.

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The Advantages of a Mutual Insurance Company. Voting Rights. As owners of a mutual insurance company, the rights of policyholders include voting for the board of directors and other major business decisions that affect the company's future direction or structure, such as a proposal to demutualize. Surplus Funds.

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What are the benefits of choosing a mutual insurance company? CFM wants you to find out.

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For example, many mutual insurance companies choose to convert their ownership structure into a stock-based structure, comparable to other publicly traded

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Why Choose a Mutual Company? Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company is a mutual organization, which means we exist for our policyholders. In fact, our first

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When it comes to models for policyholders, mutual insurance companies are often viewed as the best. To fully understand the benefits of a mutual insurance

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There are two different types of insurance companies: a mutual insurance company The biggest advantage with this type of company is the access to capital.