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“Sharing information will sort a lot of problems, and the main problem is communication.” People who work in health and social services are extremely aware of their responsibility for maintaining confidentiality. This can make them nervous about information sharing and worried about what is and is not allowed.

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citizen should feel confident that information about their health should be securely there are other benefits to sharing information and data which include: .

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Sharing patient data improves care and efficiency but requires a careful approach. Health tech chief medical officer Dr Shaun O'Hanlon offers some best practice advice. is a good example of the very tangible benefits of data sharing. including the GP record and information from community services.

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What are the benefits of sharing my information? Sharing information about the care you have health and social care services, as well as with approved.

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The Health and Social (Safety and Quality) Act 2015, which came into effect on 1st October 2015 sets a duty for information to be shared where it facilitates care for an individual and it is legal to do so. This sharing requires the patient to be informed and provide them with an opportunity to object.

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The need for Information Sharing. ▫ The role of the Information Sharing Board ( ISB) 6 Themes of the Health and Social Care Strategic Framework for Information. Sharing, 2014-2020: . Public Benefit and Privacy Panel. ▫ NHSS Information

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The shared information would typically include the kind of details that as well as social care staff has the potential to deliver significant benefits, including:.

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Information sharing barriers within health and social care integration. other services, such as Fire, Police and Ambulance can benefit from information sharing.

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Greater information sharing between health, housing and community services will make these estates a much better place to live for future

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between people who experience mental health problems, their carers, and service users and carers, working together towards recovery. Benefits of Information Sharing on clinical and social care outcomes, and promote recovery. Consent