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It has been known for some time that increasing standardization of the project management process can help improve PMC, the ability to deliver projects successfully per predetermined schedule, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction goals.

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The function of the PMO is to bring order and standardization to chaotic and as plans and schedules projects by selling and promoting benefits and value to all

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If not you could benefit from Project Management Standardization. Project Management is the planning, leading and execution of the activity required to deliver a product or service, or to achieve a result. There are many ways to apply it, but to do it effectively requires skill, experience and proven techniques. - The Benefits of Standardization

Shorter Learning Curves. When you hire a new project manager, he or she must learn how the company works—from clients and colleagues to tools and processes—before they can be efficient or add value. If project management is standardized, it drastically reduces the learning curve for the new hire.

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A project management methodology is defined as a system of methods, principles, and rules for managing a project. It can help organizations by standardizing

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Here are 6 benefits of using a project management solution that will help Without a standard approach or project management tool, you'll end

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5 Effective Ways to Improve Project Performance through Standardized Processes no surprise to most: these are exactly the kind of benefits that consultants will This also saves time for project managers, makes planning more consistent

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PMI's March 2012 Pulse of the Profession publication stated that in organizations which used standardized project management practices, 71%

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Benefits of Structured Project Management: if you can effectively implement a standardized project management process, your successor will