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Most construction projects are procured using a standard form of contract that includes standardised, non-negotiated provisions, usually in

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Bespoke contracts are contracts that are tailored to fit the specific requirements of a project. Bespoke contracts are often used when boilerplate or standard form Standard form contracts end up including more fair terms that benefit both

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Compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of standard form contracts and bespoke individually negotiated contracts, in the light of some of the issues

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Are bespoke construction contracts really an expensive luxury? negates the advantages gained by using standard contract forms for projects

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When someone offers you a standard contract as part of doing business, don't In the Advantages and Disadvantages of Standard Contracts

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Self-drafted or general off the shelf contracts are not adequate for those businesses regularly with legal advisers to ensure enforceability and maximise their benefit”. Click here to view or Bespoke contract versus self-drafted or off the shelf

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Non-standard bespoke contracts create a large number of legal issues throughout drafting, review and negotiation. They are costly and time-consuming to

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Bespoke contracts are becoming more commonplace in engineering and construction, Motto says there are a number of drawbacks to these types of contacts. . The Pros and Cons of Contract Employment for Engineers.

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as opposed to using bespoke construction contracts drafted for each that there are both advantages and disadvantages with using SFCCs.