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As a college student you are performing more unique searches an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil, Notability is one of the best note-taking apps.

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What apps do you think every college student must have downloaded in Business calendar- by far the best organizing calendar I've seen yet.

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Notability by Ginger Labs - the best notes app I've ever used. It has infinite My grades improved in college using it because it kept me on track.

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College students of /r/iPhone, what are your must-have apps for school . Everyone already covered some pretty good apps in here, but as we

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Like someone just copied all their free app icons and categorized them. . Every time something appears on my front page, the top comments are always .. What kind of college student would ever need Scratch for anything?

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Notes can be labeled and categorized, and it's a really good way to organize your thoughts. It is however free for college students for 1 year.

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Wooko is the best! It's a website, but it's also an app. It's just for university students in Ottawa, Canada but it is essentially a place to share notes

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Hey guys I recently started college with lots of classes and stuff to keep track of. The Android OneNtoe app is not as good as expected, but it does it job ( somehow). I mainly Todait - Smart study planner or Student Agenda.

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Most of this software are actually web apps that require no Also check what software licenses your university has for students, many have