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You can not pay your credit card bill using mobile wallet. But instead you can transfer money from your credit card to bank account and then you can pay your credit card bill. Please check with your credit card issuing company.

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Unlike processing credit/debit cards, wallet payments have low flat rate, allowing you to pass those savings on to your customers and gain a competitive

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Setting up your mobile wallet on Samsung Pay services for mobile and online payments, into a single brand, Google Pay.

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Shoppers can leave their physical credit and debit cards at home on mobile wallets, a technology that lets customers make payments via

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At NerdWallet, we adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with Using a credit card to pay another credit card is possible.

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Yes, you can! Mobile wallets help you make purchases and payments through the credit card and debit card account linked to the wallet. You can also make your credit card bill with the credit card information stored on the wallet.

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Because it provides a convenient way to pay for goods and services with your It can manage all your credit cards, loyalty club memberships and reward You can access a mobile wallet through several smartphone apps.

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With mobile wallet services we can make purchases in-store, pay back generous pals, and even You'll only incur a fee if using a credit card.

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