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Should Singaporeans Consider Buying Credit Card Insurance?

We look at the pros and cons of credit card insurance as a way to protect Join in the discussion at Insurance Discussion SG, Singapore's

CardCare Protector | Credit Card Insurance | POSB Singapore

POSB Bank CardShield Prime credit card offers greater assurance and protection against unforeseen incidents. Get the credit card now and ease the financial

Credit Card Chargeback & Dispute Resolution

FAQs on Credit Card Chargeback & Dispute Resolution. Find out Your rights as a consumer are protected under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act.

Help at hand for credit card purchases gone wrong, Singapore

A chargeback is a type of consumer protection that allows credit card users to dispute a charge and reverse the transaction if a purchase goes

Best Credit Cards For Insurance Premiums in Singapore 2019

Insure your family and pay your premiums with these best Insurance Credit Cards to enjoy discounts, reward points and promo offers in Singapore.

OCBC - Card Services Credit Card Protection Plan - OCBC Bank

Insure against fraudulent purchases against your credit card. 24-hour reporting call line for all lost / stolen cards; Fraud protection Singapore Post Centre

UOB : CreditSure Plus

To ensure comprehensive protection of your UOB Credit Card(s) and UOB stated herein is provided by Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte)

TODAYonline | Contesting a credit card charge

If you have a debit card or a credit card, you may find an error such as a charge from an unknown store in Eastern Europe or a wrong amount charged by a retailer in Singapore. CHARGEBACKS CAN PROTECT CONSUM.

Charged for undelivered goods? CASE unveils guide for credit card

SINGAPORE: The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has unveiled a basic chargeback guide to protect consumers against disputed

Identity and Wallet Protection Insurance in Singapore – Chubb

Lost or stolen cards like credit, debit, Automated-Teller Machine (ATM) cards; Lost or stolen documents like personal identification cards and driver's licence