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Terminal processes of credit card transactions: Purchase; Purchase-void; Refund ; Refund-void; Pre-authorization; Private label

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Wanted: Your personal data, and not just by Facebook. More organizations seek card transaction data to learn about you. By Kelly Dilworth

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Is there any public database for financial transactions, or at least a

Looking for financial transactions such as credit card payments, deposits and withdraws from banks or It should be real anonymized data from Czech bank.

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Financial transaction data is a key source of business intelligence. service restaurant and orders a burrito, it's likely that she will pay with a debit or credit card.

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They typically use a service like Yodlee ( developer-api-yodlee-aggregation.html). This thread explains a few

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Data on credit card transactions is gathered on every transaction your customers make. Read why you should leverage these analytics for business growth!

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Some of that money goes to buying your transaction data from banks, credit card companies , and aggregators. Are they getting a return on that

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Still, in some situations buying consumer data makes sense. activity, such as licensing, property transactions, and obtaining permits. credit (appropriate for assessing an application for a credit card or loan) and marketing

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The geospatial analysis, in words of Wikipedia, is an approach to applying statistical analysis and other informational techniques to data which