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I'd say that if you genuinely pay attention to people around you, you'll find out many creepy stories like this. Some people see friends come and

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"She fought so hard". Doesn't get much creepier than that. Also see LakeCityQuietPills. Not so much creepy as a interesting rabbit hole.

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The really terrifying part is the description of her coma (from Wikipedia). "One of her former students described it as not being " the kind of

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25 Disturbing Confessions Made On Reddit That Should Have Been Kept A He went into really creepy detail about how he would groom the

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Earlier this week, a Redditor named user/tor_throw_away_1 took to Reddit to matter-of-factly talk about searching online for X-rated images of kids. “I'm a

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You can find the whole post here: 3xg36j/ Dark Confession Bear Everyone on here should know what the Confession Bear meme is by now, You want creepy and disturbing?

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25 Disturbing Confessions Made On Reddit That Should Have Been Kept A Confession Someone Casually Gave Them | Thought Catalog Creepy Catalog.

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Then head on over to Reddit's Confessions forum, where folks can anonymously share the bizarre, horrifying and just plain funny things they're

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Paramount Pictures, Via Share On /r/LetsNotMeet is creepy because it's chock-full of real-life New Line Cinema, Via

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