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Criminal Force & Assault – s350 and 351 of the Penal Code

Criminal force under Section 350 is a charge that is taken very seriously in Singapore. This is especially when criminal force is used in furtherance of sexual

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A has therefore used force to Z; and as A has acted thus intentionally without Z's consent, in order to cause the commission of an offence, A has used criminal

Criminal Force & Assault, Intimidation - Singapore Criminal Lawyer

In Singapore, the offence of Criminal Force and Assault is governed by the Penal Code, Chapter 224. Criminal force, assault and intimidation

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Criminal force – A person uses criminal force to another person when he or she intentionally uses force to the other

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Although the legal system of Singapore is a common law system, the criminal law of Singapore Prior to 1870 the law relating to criminal procedure in force in Singapore was found mainly in the Indian Criminal Procedure Act 1852, which was

Man jailed for assault, using criminal force on young boys, Courts

SINGAPORE - A man targeted three young boys including a toddler in year, assaulting one of them and using criminal force on the others.

Assaulting a Public Servant in Singapore | IRB Law

Assault under section 351 of the Penal Code is similar to criminal force and usually, goes hand in hand with it. Assault is said to be committed

Arrestable and Non-Arrestable Offences in Singapore

If an offence is found in the Penal Code, you can check whether it is Theft and robbery; Criminal trespass; Assault or use of criminal force to a

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Individual can check the spent status of the individual's criminal record A criminal record is a record of a conviction or sentence given by the

NTU prof accused of using criminal force & more | The New Paper

Singapore News - A Nanyang Technological University (NTU) associate professor was driving his car along the Pan-Island Expressway when