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Detailed summary from LLB Law first year lectures and aided by the textbook. This summary contains: 1. Actus Reus 2. Mens Rea 3. Murder

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seminar one reading: herring criminal law: chapter one- an introduction to criminal law what is crime:

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Criminal Law Revision NotesElements of Criminal Law Reading J. Herring Criminal Law (Palgrave 8th edition) pp. 1-23. A. Criminal Law LLB notes 2010.

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Criminal Law is one of the essential core subject areas required for a qualifying law degree. Crime is a common part of everyday life. Crime is around us in many

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These notes cover all the LLB criminal law cases and so are perfect for many styles of revision materials, giving you multiple perspectives of the law - great for

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College Law offers free revision conntent for all sixth form/college students such as tutorial videos and case lists.

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Criminal Law LLB Exam Notes. All major topics Criminalisation and Punishment Theories Exam Revision Notes Exam Revision Notes. EXAM. R90, 02. 0. 234.

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Would appreciate Jurisprudence notes (LLB): My less good notes = Criminal Law Good Notes = Contract Law, Public Law, Land Law, Competition Law, EU Law,

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Principles of Criminal Law and Procedure exam revision notes - How to answer problem questions, Offences against the person under the Crimes Act, Assault,

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Seller's Description; Package Contents; Free Criminal Law Notes Samples; Law Notes Special Offers Fit for those first year students in LLB or JD program. “I have found the Oxbridge notes to be a really effective aid to my revision, they