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I have crippling debt. I don't know where to turn

I'm going to lay it all out here. First, forgive me if I seem like I'm whining. I'm not. I take full responsibility for the poor choices I have made along

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I currently have: • $21,000 in credit card debt (on 4 different cards) • $40,000 remaining in student loans • $10,500 remaining on an auto loan.

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I am a middle school teacher supporting a family of 6 on my income alone. My wife and I have 80k in student loans and 40k+ in credit card debt.

Just paid off an obscene amount of crippling debt and I'm freaking

I just paid off $54000 in auto and credit card debt that's been crushing me for three years after the unthinkable happened. I've never been

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Good day r/personal finance! First post for a long time lurker here. I would like to thank in advance for any input, advice and time taken to

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Is it wise to stop 401K contrubutions to tackle debt? Heres our monthly situation: Net Household Income: $9400 Roth Balance:

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I'm one of those morons who went to law school and took out absurd student loans to do it. My loans (public undergrad and private law school)

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Write a list of debts, largest to smallest. Put a number next to those debts, based on when you last sent in a payment or, if no payment has ever

19 and in crippling debt. : personalfinance - Reddit

I'm on $400 a fortnight and I had a few debts; - $250 in rego asap ☆ - $448.94 in tolls 1.1 I've got 60 days to pay ☆ - $1300 in tolls 1.2.

Need Help Tackling Crippling Debt (~115k) : personalfinance - Reddit

Hello Reddit, I'm a 25 y/o male who has a significant amount of student loans after attending university for 5 years. Currently, I have $34870