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Team member Harlan told me how primary rental car insurance from card saved him nearly $700 after he noticed a small ding on the door.

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Christopher Elliott thinks that car rental companies are too quick to blame If you ding a rental car, and the company doesn't say anything about it, are . rental did have a ding (caused by someone opening a door into my

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I noticed a couple of days ago that there is a ding where the back door meets the rear part of the car. It's in the area marked by the blue dot on

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I just noticed a door dingdon't know if it' mine or if it was already there .. I rented a car (a nasty old Cavalier) at LAX this weekend at about 10

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Enterprise has been accused of running a ding-and-dent scam so Enterprise's cars — indeed, all rental cars — are ready for their close up.

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Question: We recently rented a car through Avis in Frankfurt, Germany, and she finally pointed out a tiny chip on the edge of the driver's door.

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Return your rental car with a chipped windshield, fender ding or paint scratch? Here's what's to expect: The rental company will file some form

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Say you rented a car for the weekend to drive out of state. (“Like a borrowing a book from the car library” is how you explain this to your child.)

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Windy day here in Santa Fe on Monday resulted in a healthy parking lot paint scratch (a little less than a dime in size) on the passenger's side

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a barely visible nick on the car door and a small scratch on one bumper. " The only time that I have seen it is when a car rental company knows a source of profits to car rental companies, which ding them for normal wear