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Fleet admiral (abbreviated FADM), officially known as "Fleet Admiral of the United States Navy", is a five-star flag officer rank in the United States Navy. Fleet admiral ranks immediately above admiral and is equivalent to General of the Army and General of the Air Force.

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An admiral of the fleet or fleet admiral is a military naval officer of the highest rank . In many nations the rank is reserved for wartime or ceremonial appointments.

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This is a complete list of four-star admirals in the United States Navy. The rank of admiral is the highest rank normally achievable in the U.S. Navy. It ranks above vice admiral (three-star admiral) and below fleet admiral

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Fleet Admirals, US Navy. Naval Historical Foundation. By act of Congress approved 14 December 1944, the grade of Fleet Admiral, United States Navy, was established for certain officers on the active list of the Navy. Four officers were nominated by the president for that grade.

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Fleet Admiral is a five-star flag officer in the U.S. Navy, equivalent to the ranks of General of the Army and General of the Air Force. The rank of Admiral is temporary and generally used only in times of war. Fleet Admiral is the highest rank in the Navy and is used only during wartime.

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Fleet admiral: admiral: Navy a fleet admiral ranks with a general of the army or general of the air force. Admiral ranks with general and vice admiral with

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Multiple realities (covers information from several alternate timelines) Fleet admiral was a military rank, the equivalent of which was used by the service

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fleet admiral meaning: an officer of the highest rank in the US Navy: . Learn more.

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The United States Navy currently does not have any admirals of the fleet. The last officer appointed to admiral of the fleet was William F. Halsey on December 11,

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