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Kotak MF's Flex STP allows you to park money in debt funds and move it into equity funds based on the P/E (Price to Earnings) band of Nifty 50

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FLEX STP - Systematic Transfer Plan allows investors to invest higher when the markets are low and vice-versa. Visit us to explore more investment options!

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In these kind of situations, a STP like HDFC Flex STP – Systematic Transfer Plan can help in getting good returns. In STP, you have provision to invest systematically and you can buy more also when markets are low. Minimum amount of unit holder’s balance or minimum amount of

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Kotak Mahindra AMC has launched its version of flexible investment plan called Flex SIP/STP Plan. A flexible Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

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Flex STP and Value STP works on the same concept. However, different AMCs have conceptualised this concept by offering different ways of

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Flex STP - Flex or Flexi Systematic Transfer Plan is a facility wherein the investor can opt to transfer variable amount linked to the current value

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Kotak Mahindra AMC has announced the launch of Flex SIP/STP (F-SIP/STP), the mutual fund house said in a statement. This smart investment

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Flex Systematic Transfer Plan is an office wherein a speculator under an assigned open-finished plan can pick to exchange variable sums connected to the

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Grow your investment smartly in a scheme of your choice by simply opting for Flex SIP/STP

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Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a tool provided by Mutual Funds that help transfer money