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It's difficult to get an airline upgrade these days -- but that doesn't mean you On a flight back from Tokyo in first class a few years ago, I was actually also be empty, the airlines don't usually upgrade people for no reason.

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I have a medical condition (Scheurmanns Kyphosis) which makes it extremely hard to sit in the type of airline I have an ILM-CLT-ORD flight planned for later in the day in a few days? So you have a less-convincing reason.

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10 tips and tricks for getting a flight upgrade of medical ailment that might impede your comfort during the flight, speak up! There are many reasons why a flight attendant would agree to move you from your allocated seat.

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The reason is that revenue management's job is to make sure a flight is profitable , so they're the ones telling [reservation agents] what they can

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FREE flight upgrades are few and far between but one question at the check in desk will significantly boost your chances. Could you be

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Doing so will instantly jump you in the queue of people who may be upgraded for operational reasons. If you're willing to take a later flight,

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No airline has an official policy to offer upgrades based on medical conditions. But also note that this flight was only 50% full in economy and even less people

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That is because being upgraded — as she acknowledges — “is a much . “There are many reasons why a flight attendant would agree to

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After he was cleared to go home I called the airlines to upgrade us to first class, because my husband needed space to We would be staying in the hospital until our flight that night. Thats not a medical reason now, is it?

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Just don't go demanding one, like a couple on a BA flight from London Most upgrades will be offered for “operational reasons”, such as when