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What are your thoughts on flirting at work and are you guilty of

I have some weird sort of workplace autism that makes me barely able to If by flirting you mean just joking around, shooting the shit, making

How do you tell if someone is just being nice or flirting? - Reddit

If their flirting increases in frequency or intensity, they were flirting. If they pull back, .. 2) work flirting = to pass the time or for tips. 3) full flirting

how did you hook up with your work colleague? : AskMen - Reddit

Flirt at work, hang out after shift ends at the bar, get tipsy, profit? It usually progresses from office friendliness, to office flirting, to happy hour

How do you flirt with a coworker? - Reddit

I think the workplace is a great place to meet someone but it has to be done so in an appropriate application and only if both parties are down.

Is my co worker flirting or am I overreacting? : Advice - Reddit

I'm not really interested in work relationships, let alone cucking-type situations. It's scummy and I try to stay away from it. Is this all flirtatious?

Women of Reddit; what flirting signals do men miss or not pick up

Edit: I'm not saying the shirt compliment is a surefire flirting sign. (It isn't.) What I mean is that when a girl compliments a dude, in any way, the

Office Romance: If you are attracted to a guy at work, what do you

We ain't Jim and Pam and it's probably not gonna work out, so no point . We were never flirtatious at work, kept things professional and

Dear males of Reddit, how do us gals know when you're flirting

Hell, a lot of us can't even tell when we're flirting with you, either.

Excluding touch, in what ways do you subtly flirt? What are some

When it comes to verbal flirting, I like to use a lot of "we" statements. I may have to go and it probably wouldn't work out between us if you

What things would be taught in Flirting 101? - Reddit

Might not be basic but I've found actually caring about what the other person is saying is the most natural and genuine form of flirting. When I