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Ask for advice, share your favorite tips, and encourage others about anything dating. So I'm a pretty good looking guy, working at a pretty big company, in a pretty decent job position. I've always been a pretty confident guy and never have problems with talking to girls and taking

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Start by viewing her as a person, not a hot babe. She's at work, and friendly with all customers. You can be respectful, smile and chat with her a

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I think back last summer when I was out at a restaurant, the waitress genuinely seemed to be either friendly or flirting. But other than special cases like that,

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A procession of like 9 random loser simps been creepin on the receptionist today cause she wore that lil black skirt & full make up. Give it a rest.

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Just be sensitive to the fact that you should only keep flirting if she The reason I mention this is because if I hit on his receptionist and got shot

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The receptionist in question is one who works at my local gym. pretty good looking I imagine that quite a lot of people try flirting with her,

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We were biking around the city, and we wanted to get to the top floor of this building. While

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