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A floating exchange rate is a regime where the currency price is set by the forex market based on supply and demand compared with other currencies. This is in contrast to a fixed exchange rate, in which the government entirely or predominantly determines the rate.

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Baffled by exchange rates? Wonder why some currencies fluctuate while others are pegged? This article has the answers regarding the

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A floating exchange rate (also called a fluctuating or flexible exchange rate) is a type of exchange-rate regime in which a currency's value is allowed to fluctuate in response to foreign-exchange market mechanisms. A currency that uses a floating exchange rate is known as a floating currency.

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A floating exchange rate refers to changes in a currency's value relative to another currency (or currencies).

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A floating exchange rate system determines a currency's value in relation to other currencies. Unlike fixed exchange rates, these currencies float freely,

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Exchange rates can be understood as the price of one currency in terms of another currency. However, just like for goods and services, we

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A fixed exchange rate denotes a nominal exchange rate that is set firmly by the monetary authority with respect to a foreign currency or a basket of foreign

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Definition and explanation of a floating exchange rate - when the value of a currency is determined by market forces and governments don't try

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Definition of floating exchange rate: System in which a currency's value is determined solely by the interplay of the market forces of demand and supply ( which,

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Float it or fix it? Mr. Clifford expalins the difference between floating and fixed exchange rates