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Surviving Spouses, Heirs, and Next of Kin. It is these statutes, these cases, which give beneficiaries and family members their rights to inherit money and property from a Florida citizen who has passed away. You can think of Florida inheritance law as being in two camps.

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If you die without a will in Florida, your assets will go to your closest relatives under or not you have living children, parents, or other close relatives when you die. For children to inherit from you under the laws of intestacy, Florida must

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When a Florida resident dies without having made a Last Will and Testament, the intestacy succession laws found in the Florida Probate Code

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Florida's Law for Death and Estate Inheritance. If a Florida resident dies leaving a will, his real and personal property goes to the beneficiaries named in the document. If the decedent dies intestate, or without a will, the estate is subject to Florida's intestacy statutes.

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Probate Laws on the Next of Kin. When someone dies without a will, state laws -- the so-called "laws of intestate succession" -- determine who inherits the estate. If the deceased left a surviving spouse or children, these people are considered "next of kin" and generally inherit the entire estate.

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There are two types of probate administration under Florida law: formal . to other, more remote heirs if the decedent is not survived by any of the close relatives

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In Florida, what property is inherited by your family if you die without a will (“ intestate”) In many cases you can choose your beneficiary and avoid intestacy laws. no matter how long they have lived with you or how close you are with them.

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Welcome to the fastest way to find out about Inheritance Law in Florida. Here, you 'll find clear and accurate information about Inheritance Law, including: probate

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Next of kin is a person's closest living blood relative and may have inheritance rights as defined by state law.

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You can read the Florida intestacy law here: Chapter 732 of the Florida Probate . Under the Florida intestacy laws, “next of kin” is a legal term.