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Grounds for an Annulment in Florida. Both void and voidable marriages can be annulled, but whereas all void marriages can be annulled, not every voidable marriage can be. In fact, a void marriage can't be rehabilitated or made legal even if it's what the couple desperately wants.

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Florida law specifically forbids marriage by any party under the age of 18 without the consent of the minor's parent or guardian, or court approval. If you determine that when you married either you or your spouse was under the age of 18, you may seek an annulment.

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There is very little or no information in the Florida statutes that give legal guidance on annulment. The Florida courts have responded by filling

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After the dissolution, divorce, or annulment, the will shall be administered and construed as if the former spouse had died at the time of the dissolution, divorce,

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Chart providing details of Florida Annulment and Prohibited Marriage Laws.

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The state of Florida does not have an annulment statute. Due to this, some couples may instead may file for divorce instead of an annulment, even if they are perfectly capable of receiving an annulment. The state of Florida's laws offers that a void or voidable marriage has the grounds to be legally annulled.

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When two people are getting married, the excitement of planning and celebrating the upcoming matrimonial bliss is the focal point, but in

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FLORIDA TRUST CODE any provision of the trust that affects the settlor's spouse will become void upon annulment of the marriage or entry of the judgment of

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Guide to Annulment of Marriage in Florida. While divorce is the most common way to end a marriage in every state, annulment of marriage in FL is another way

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Florida Annulment of Marriage, Marriages can be terminated by dissolution or by annulment, Florida has no special rule or statute which governs annulment.