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Financial Markets Regulatory Practices - Non Examinable Course

(A) COURSE INFORMATION 1. Purpose 1.1 The FMRP NEC is intended to update eligible individuals on changes to the Blue Book and FX Global Code. 2.

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Financial Markets Regulatory Practices (FMRP) Examination The FMRP NEC will be available through th eLearn@IBF mobile app from 2 July 2018 to 31

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Individuals who fail to complete the FMRP NEC by 31 December 2018 will have their FMRP certification status rescinded and will have to re-take and pass the

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the revised FMRP exam. - FIs may apply to subscribe to. Learn@IBF on behalf of their affected staff for the FMRP NEC. 1 June 2018. 29 June.

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The FMRP Examination will be updated to incorporate the principles FMRP- certified individuals to complete the NEC by 31 December 2018.

Introduction of Financial Markets and Regulatory Practice (FMRP)

The Financial Markets Regulatory & Practice (FMRP) certification program is an industry initiative aimed at upholding a high standard of

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SFEMC announcement on revised Blue Book - IBF announcement on revised FMRP study guide, exam and NEC Mid-April - Individuals and FIs may register for

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(A) 1.Please 11 NEC FMP is required to provide updates and changes in Blue and FX Global Code. 2.View to the audience 21 NEC FMRP and individuals who

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