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Epicenter-The point on the Earth's surface located directly above the focus of an earthquake. Focus-The location where the earthquake begins. The ground ruptures at this spot, then seismic waves radiate outward in all directions.

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Directly above the focus on the Earth's surface is the earthquake epicenter. Earthquake waves start at he focus and travel outward in all directions. Earthquake waves do not originate at the epicenter.

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The point of which the wave originates is what we call the Earthquake focus (foci plural). It is also known as the Hypocenter. These foci of natural earthquakes

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A hypocenter (or hypocentre) is the point of origin of an earthquake or a subsurface nuclear explosion. In seismology, it is a synonym of the focus. The term

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The focus is also called the hypocenter of an earthquake. The vibrating waves travel away from the focus of the earthquake in all directions.

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All earthquakes are different. We still don't completely understand them. There are just so many variables. And bear in mind we can only analyze events that

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This sudden release of stress can cause earthquakes. Earthquakes are What is the difference between the focus and epicenter of an earthquake? The focus is

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Deep-focus earthquake: earthquake: Shallow, intermediate, and deep foci: The deeper-focus earthquakes commonly occur in patterns called Benioff zones that

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Keypoints: Epicenter is the location on the surface of the Earth directly above where the