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Report a Food Safety Complaint | Food and Nutrition Service

The FNS Food Safety Staff monitors complaints regarding USDA Foods and coordinates with food safety partners in the resolution of

Report a Problem with Food

If you have experienced a problem with a food product, be sure to contact the appropriate public health organization. For Help with Meat, Poultry and Processed Egg Products: Call the toll-free USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-888-MPHotline (1-888-674-6854) or report the complaint online.

Report a Problem with Food |

If you suspect that a food is contaminated or has made you or someone that you know sick, follow these Pet Food, How to Report a Pet Food Complaint (FDA)

How to File a Complaint - Retail Food Establishments

Information on submitting a complaint about a Food Establishment that is under the jurisdiction of the Texas Department of State Health

Food Safety Supervisor Guide to Handling Customer Complaints

A Complaints Handling Policy is best designed by someone in a managerial or senior position, such as the business owner or a Food Safety Supervisor,

How to Handle Customer Complaints in the Food Service Industry

How to Handle Customer Complaints in the Food Service Industry National Restaurant Association: The Art of Handling Guest Complaints

Food Complaints - County of San Diego

To report sanitation problems, fires, water outages, and sewage backups at restaurants and other food facilities within San Diego County: FHD Complaint Desk

The art of handling guest complaints | National Restaurant Association

The art of handling guest complaints. Restaurant veteran If the food wasn't to a customer's liking, re-cook it or prepare something else, if they prefer. Recover.

File a complaint about possible unsafe food handling activity - King

This form is only for reporting possible unsafe food handling in King County, Washington state where you witnessed the activity yourself.

Oregon Department of Agriculture: Concerns or Complaints

For complaints involving a restaurant, temporary food event, or mobile food cart: Improper food handling and employee practices: improper hand washing,