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Rising 2L at Fordham Taking Questions! : lawschooladmissions - Reddit

Going to Fordham myself in the fall. How many people don't want big law from the start? I know Fordham has about a 40 percent biglaw

BU vs. Fordham - does ranking really matter? : lawschooladmissions

I feel like Fordham and being in NYC could be my best career move because of If you want to do Sports Law, then it has to be Fordham.

Fordham to NYU? : LawSchool - Reddit

On the other hand, Fordham transfers apparently do well with NYU write on and several have made law review. I wouldn't know any professors

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The subreddit for law school admissions discussion. How to get into American and Canadian law schools. Help with law school personal statements,

114k COA at Fordham vs. 24k COA at Cardozo. Am I crazy for leaning

The title says it all -- would it be nuts to choose Fordham? I'm an engineer planning on patent law. I want NYC biglaw out of law school.

Fordham or Cardozo($$)? : lawschooladmissions - Reddit

Just got accepted into Fordham yesterday, very excited about it but expecting no money. Not 100% sure on what kind of law I want to do, just

Wtf Fordham : lawschooladmissions - Reddit

The subreddit for law school admissions discussion. . I got an admissions decision from Fordham on Wednesday, 4/18, that I'd been offered a

“Welcome to Fordham Law” : lawschooladmissions - Reddit

Just got an email from Fordham expressing that they're lookin forward to seeing me in the fall. For a brief moment of bewilderment I was

Trying to get into Fordham University Law. What were your stats

I am in my last year of university and currently getting ready to take the LSAT. Currently i have a gpa of 3.4. My sophomore year was a disaster.

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