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Risk Management – Insuring Against GDPR Liability

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) When a business buys cyber insurance today, it receives a full suite of

GDPR Compliance for the Insurance Industry - Compliance Junction

It also looks at GDPR and profiling and how the insurance industry is affected. If your company processes the personal data of any EU citizens, as part of its

Are US insurers ready for a national GDPR-style privacy law

As the strongest data protection regime in the world, the GDPR has strict regulation upon any company offering goods or services to EU residents or Data is the air the insurance industry breathes, and yet the industry must

GDPR Insurance: Coverage for Fines Hard to Find But Other Non

GDPR Insurance: Coverage for Fines Hard to Find But Other Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) infractions revealed that businesses are on

GDPR regulation presents risks to businesses large and small

The GDPR is more encompassing than any data protection regulation currently in effect. It protects individuals by requiring strict data management controls, transparency and compliance on the part of all businesses that touch EU residents.

5 questions answered about GDPR's impact on insurance

Answer: The reality for most U.S. business, insurance companies and others is that GDPR will become the global standard for how businesses

Zurich launches cyber policy covering prebreach, GDPR risks

Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. is launching a cyber policy form that of North America commercial insurance, told Business Insurance on the

GDPR Insurance-It Is Possible To Protect Your Business From

The GDPR became effective on May 28, 2018, but many businesses are still catching up due to inertia in changing procedures and practices.

The Guide To GDPR For Small Businesses - Axa

GDPR is coming, but according to recent reports, a massive 92% of European businesses are unprepared. So how does your business measure up?

As GDPR Takes Effect, Businesses Could be at Risk for Privacy

GDPR will affect companies located in the European Union (EU) and any Businesses that violate GDPR can lose up to 4 percent of revenue . Ask your insurance broker or agent if Cyber Liability Coverage is right for you.