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The GDPR requires that controllers notify data protection regulators and people involved in an assault, witnesses to a motor vehicle accident,

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It is essential to note is that the GDPR will apply to insurance companies all e.g. a named driver on a car insurance policy or if a policy covers

GDPR Liability and Fines: Will My Cyber Insurance Cover Them?

GDPR places restrictions on how companies collect and manage data, And unlike workers' compensation and auto liability insurance, cyber

5 questions answered about GDPR's impact on insurance

Some people in insurance view the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a 'starting gun' not the finish line.

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How is the GDPR relevant to connected cars? OEMs control the data accessed and used by services providers, such as insurance companies and garages,

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Insurance for fines, class action suits could drive demand Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect on Friday,

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But what exactly does it mean for insurance companies? When people first used mobile phones in the car, they weren't calling handsfree.

Cyber Insurance v GDPR - The Myths, the Maths and the Law

Penalties, including those the GDPR will impose, are meant to be An arsonist who sets his car alight cannot claim on his car insurance.

GDPR: Main Points of the Law and its Impact on Insurance

GDPR: Main Points of the Law and its Impact on Insurance. Chetan Patel. Written by: Chetan Patel, Head of Risk and Compliance, UK and Ireland, Insurance, . Payback on Connected Car Technology Investments: Reasons to Meet With Us