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Ok so I may be overthinking this, but I currently have Geico Auto insurance and I looked into adding on renters insurance. The online quote

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I recently purchased renter's insurance as a condition of the lease I signed. Through Geico I had to put $8 down, and pay $13 a month for 11

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So I have an auto policy with Geico and I was messing around on their website and I got a quote for renters insurance. It says I can get 12

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that I must purchase and provide documentation of renter's insurance. of the few I looked at including Progressive, Geico and Lemonade.

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I figured renters insurance is to protect my own belongings and Yea I was looking at geico (since they are my car insurance) and they keep

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I have been shopping around for Auto/Renters insurance and have narrowed results down to two: AAA and GEICO. Policies are

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Through AAA I can get $17k coverage with a $500 deductible for My auto insurance is through Geico and when I looked for a quote from

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I see people posting on how they got renter's insurance for $9-$20. At Geico, with $5000 of coverage and a $100 deductible is $24 a month,

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I need to have renter's insurance for my Connecticut apartment. I know it's Going through GEICO Renters (which really passes it off to another

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My only warning to you is that a lot of renter's insurance plans don't cover Our renter's insurance costs like $9 a month, I'll never go without again With geico it was 9 bucks a month, but I saved 10 bucks a month on my