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I've tried to do some searching on this one, but I couldn't really come up with a good answer. I see very high level ratings and reviews from

Is AAA worth it? I'm not really frugal in life, but I feel like it

He didn't have aaa so I called up using my membership and they changed out the GEICO sells me roadside coverage for under $10/year.

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The two areas that GEICO wins out over AAA is in Car Rental (35/day and $1035 max vs. AAA @ $30/day and $900 max) and Renter's

LPT: the cheapest car insurance is from AAA, which is a non-profit

Geico and other insurers are allowed to claim they have the lowest ADVERTISED rates because AAA is a non-profit and doesn't advertise.

AAA vs State Farm for car insurance - is it worth switching over

Is it worth switching over from State Farm to AAA considering the . on it and like some of the other comments, found that Geico is cheaper.

Car insurance Recommendations? From people who have actually had

I was looking to go with AAA but id love to hear from others. EDIT: I am not .. (0 children). Has anyone had experience with allstate or Geico?

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Geico is a direct seller, so they dont have local offices like AAA does. . But the difference is less than what I save vs another insurer. I switched

Roadside Assistance: AAA, GEICO, or Credit Card? : Frugal - Reddit

My AAA membership is going to expire in a few weeks and I've GEICO pays the tow companies pretty well so you will get prompt service.

Any car insurance recommendations? Fist time finding my own

I paid $29 for mine (discount through AAA, usually it's about $35-$40) and it's easy, I've had Geico Insurance for longer than I can remember.

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