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I'm not sure if I qualify for 'being absolutely horrendous' at GP, but my grades have always been hovering around an S or E (for both P1 and P2)

The General Paper Study Guide (just read current affairs

I took general paper and while preparing for it I was just reading collections of articles dated up to 5 - 10 years back. So now as someone who's.

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Anyone wanna try spot essay questions? General red-flags (non-exhaustive): vulgarities, sarcasm, crass language, overuse of slang.

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General red-flags (non-exhaustive): vulgarities, sarcasm, crass language If there's a paper in the afternoon, don't pre-emptively post an exam

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With gp being approximately 48 hours away what topics do yall think will come out?

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A levels starts tomorrow with GP and maybe we could have a random discussion about potentially useful general knowledge for tomorrow here

The Thought Collective: Analysing General Paper Questions 2016

hey guys,would like to know if any one has any links to whr i can read sample general paper essays?

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The General Paper is there to assess individuals' general knowledge, that is, whether the habit to read up on a wide variety of topics exist.

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How do you people find relevant evidences and examples for Paper 1? I am having a hard time trying to gather evidences with statistics.