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Geneva Freeport is a warehouse complex in Geneva, Switzerland for the storage of art and other valuables and collectibles. Some say it's the "premier place" to

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I say "reportedly" because nobody actually knows exactly how many works of art are stored in the Geneva Free Port, but its chairman talks of "a

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We discuss the purpose and potential consequences of the Geneva freeport, the largest facility for storing great works of art in the world.

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Geneva Free Port is a valuable asset Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses Ltd is a Limited Company. The State of Geneva is its principle shareholder.

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The drab free port zone near the Geneva city center, a compound of blocky gray and vanilla warehouses surrounded by train tracks, roads and

One of the World's Greatest Art Collections Hides Behind This Fence

It was Mr. Studer's first peek at the astounding wealth stuffed inside the Geneva Freeport, as this warehouse complex is known. The second

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In the following excerpt, he takes us on a tour of the freeport, and relates it to The Economist has compared the size of the Geneva freeport to

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Diana Wierbicki and Amanda A. Rottermund highlight some differences buyers and sellers should consider when initially selecting which freeport to use for an

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In his latest film, Braden King ponders the Geneva Freeport, a warehouse complex in