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Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System. Insurance cards are no longer acceptable proof of Georgia liability insurance coverage when you are

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Motor vehicle owners and lessees are required by law to maintain continuous Georgia Liability Insurance coverage on vehicles with active registrations. Driving

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Do I need to carry my insurance card in my vehicle? not acceptable proof of insurance coverage for vehicles that are not self-insured, liability insurance coverage, but their insurers are exempt from the electronic transmitting requirements.

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Digital Proof Of Georgia Auto Insurance? The number of states that allow electronic proof of car insurance now sits at 39 after the recent addition of West

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The Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System or GEICS is a database of all motor When requested by police, GEICS is now the only valid proof of insurance for Georgia drivers stopped in Georgia. Other states do not have instant

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Georgia. A relatively new electronic database in the Peach State is used to confirm whether or not When Do I Need to Show Proof of Liability Coverage?

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If you are stopped by the police or in an accident, some states allow you to show the officer a digital version of your car insurance card, rather than a paper copy.

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All states except Connecticut and New Mexico now allow drivers to show electronic proof of insurance coverage during a traffic stop, according to the Property

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How does the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System work? phone, are no longer accepted as proof of Georgia auto insurance.